My summer cabin 2002

It is peaceful, birds singing, good neighbors and a very nice beach.. can one which for more??

The lovely flowers where a present from friends last year.. this year I have planted seeds to re-create the blossoms.. Not quite the same :-)

The guest cabin.

More flowers :)

And the two possible beaches

The beach belonging to the community, here with my good friend Lasse

The former sand pit "The Blue beach", about a mile from my cabin.

Some picture of nature

Christmas and winter picture

when I was a child my father always did ginger bread christmas houses. This is my first attempt on my own.. Rest assure, my cabin is way more stable than this ginger model :-)

Decoration for the traditional Lucia happening :-)

The fire is lit

The blue beach does look different in winter costume..

Sunset, I simply can't get enough of those..